What are NUKKLES?

NUKKLES are an amazing massage aid, used by PROFESSIONAL
THERAPISTS, to provide a fantastic massage, quickly and competently.

Now available to the public, NUKKLES provide the ability for anyone to give a massage as good as a professional masseur, with the minimum of effort...

What are Nukkles made of ?
NUKKLES are made from a very stable, strong but flexible polycarbonate called Lexan(R). Neil Armstrong had a visor made from this same material when he walked on the surface of the moon!

Why are Nukkles so good ?
This incredible material, coupled with patented flex-technology, allows NUKKLES
to follow the contours of your body, creating a very natural feeling.
NUKKLES flex and adapt to your body shape while the four pressure domes on each Massager provides the necessary firmness for a deep and penetrating massage.

Are Nukkles easy to use ?
NUKKLES are very easy to use - you don't need any special training
Each NUKKLES comes with an instruction leaflet, explaining how to use them.

Do I need to use a Masage Oil with Nukkles ?
NUKKLES are very effective through clothing, so you don't need to get oily.
You can use oil if you want to use NUKKLES on bare skin for a more sensual massage

What type of Massage can Nukkles be used for ?
NUKKLES can be used for Back Massage, Shoulder Massage, Leg Massage, Arm Massage, Foot Massage or for Reflexology.

In fact you can use NUKKLES for just about any type of massage, from sports massage to massaging your loved one for the fun of it!

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Nukkles massagers are available now,
for only  10.95 Per Pair!

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